The traditional individual approach to making clothes is the most convenient way to get a unique, perfectly fitting garment, which sometimes is not possible to achieve by looking for a desired piece in stores of ready-made clothes.

The Process

The bespoken garment is developed according to analysis of your figure and personal measurements. We work together on your vision of the future garment and materials which can be used. You can also choose any fabric available in the studio. Price and delivery of the final product can be estimated after that.

If the garment looks complex or your figure is asymmetrical or has tricky proportions than an additional preparatory step to develop a set of custom basic foundation templates is recommended. These are pieces of trial clothes made of muslin only for the purpose of testing and adjusting the fit if needed. They do not include any modeling alterations and look like basic bodice, dress or trousers. You need it to be developed only once. All subsequent projects can be made based on the same foundation templates.

The entire process of creating clothes takes place inside the studio and are not outsourced to third parties.

Ready to start?

The quickest way to start is to fill out the contact form. Please, introduce yourself and share your idea of the desired bespoken garment. Than we can plan an appointment in the studio and all further cooperation.

Remote Collaboration

Some of your ideas, which are not too intricate and do not require precise tight fitting on your body, can be considered to be realized remotely. Please, share your idea via the contact form and be ready to provide later:

  1. an informative illustration of your idea from different angles, mainly front and back; it can be either photos or hand-drown sketches or any kind of digital graphics or a combination of them;
  2. photos of your figure standing straight and relaxed, dressed in a leotard or a bodysuit with regular foundation garments worn underneath, made form three different angles — front, back and side;
  3. your correct body measurements required for a particular garment type, instructions will be provided.

We will have more freedom to work with you remotely if this is your subsequent order, you've visited the studio before and we have been working in person on taking your body measurements and have developed a set of custom basic foundation templates for you, which can guarantee better fitting.